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Protect your practice from the growing cases of money laundering, identity fraud and mortgage fraud.

IDYourClient.com is a powerful solution which verifies your clients' identities in seconds. By simply entering your clients' details online, IDYourClient.com provides you with the peace of mind that your clients are who they say they are.

Money Laundering Regulations introduced in December 2007 mean that, as a solicitor, you now have a legal requirement to verify your clients' identities to protect both you and your firm. If you are found to be in breach of the law, you may be penalised. Solicitors have been forced to pay hefty fines, have lost their practices and some have even faced a custodial prison sentence for non-compliance. Don't get caught out.

With IDYourClient.com you can easily and cost effectively protect your practice and be 100% compliant. IDYourClient.com verifies the information you provide against the widest selection of reliable data sources including the DVLA, the Passport Office and the Electoral Roll to name but a few.

Recent updates and improvements now allow checks against the latest Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) intelligence file and the enhanced sanctions register, and provide the added functionality of checking international passport databases.

Simple and easy to use, with a full audit trail, IDYourClient.com will provide you with a instant result enabling you to make an informed decision quickly to help you save time opening files.

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"Our clients prefer the electronic check rather than having to make time to visit the firm" Mylles & Co Ascot